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 0 Comments- Add comment | Back to Software Development Blog Written on 03-Feb-2009 by asqui
CLR via C#
This is a re-post of a book review from March 2007 on an old blog of mine — I still think this book is the .NET CLR bible.
Weighing in at 736 pages this tome is quite likely the largest book I have ever read, cover to cover. It's certainly comprehensive in describing the deep details of the Microsoft .NET Framework "Common Language Runtime" (CLR), as exposed from the C# programming language.

Jeffrey Richter is a co-founder of the Wintellect consultancy and has worked as a consultant developing the .NET Framework and Common Language Runtime at Microsoft. This means that he has a very deep understanding of the intricacies that lie within, and it was nice of him to put down some of his know-how in such a well written and comprehensive book (though I'm sure there's probably enough knowledge rattling around in his head to fill another volume of the same size).
If you decide to read the book (and if you're a C# developer, I highly recommend that you do) and have any interesting questions, try emailing Jeffrey — last time I did he sent me a comprehensive reply within the day!

I particularly enjoyed reading this book because I feel like it has given me a deep foundation and understanding of the .NET Framework and C#. This is gratifying to me on a personal level, but also benefits me in my day-to-day job as a software developer. I like understanding. Understanding is good.
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