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 0 Comments- Add comment | Back to Personal Blog Written on 21-Sep-2009 by asqui

It’s been exactly a year since we got the broadband connected here. I ran a speed test at the time and was much impressed with the results:

2008 Speed Test Results

We’re on the O2 Standard Home package, which is rated at "Up to 8 meg" downstream and "Up to 1.3 meg" upstream, so I was quite impressed to be getting rather close to these ideals.

Let’s see how things are a year on:

2009 Speed Test Results

  • The SpeedTest.net test server is allegedly 300 miles closer than it was last year.
  • Which might be why the ping is marginally down, from 39ms to 32ms.
  • Upload speed has decreased by 8% since last year’s value (from 1.11Mb/s to 1.02Mb/s).
  • Download speed has decreased by 12% since last year’s value (from 8.05Mb/s to 7.05Mb/s).

So overall marginally worse than last year, but still quite good when you consider the variability of home broadband connection speeds. And given the level of customer service I received recently, I'm in no hurry to switch broadband providers.

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