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 0 Comments- Add comment | Back to Personal Blog Written on 15-Aug-2009 by asqui

O2 Broadband It has been nearly a year since we signed up for home broadband with O2. I remember they had top customer ratings at the time, but I didn’t really have any opinions myself — since nothing had gone wrong, I didn’t have any occasion to deal with customer services. Until now.

Thursday Morning 6:30am: Internet connection is not working. Try re-setting the modem (very occasionally we get connectivity problems that are fixed by a reset — this is probably the only thing I could complain about with my O2 Broadband experience to date). Mess around with the computer: try the Windows 7 networking wizard, reset network adaptor, run the O2 Broadband software CD diagnostics, reboot, pray to the gods, cross fingers, etc.

6:45am: Still no joy. Call the Customer Services number on the CD case. Someone picks up on the first ring. Wait a minute, it’s 6:45 in the morning and there’s someone to take my call? I wasn’t actually expecting someone to pick up so it takes me a moment to answer.

Me: Hi, there’s a problem with our home broadband. The “Broadband” light on the router is alternating between being off, and being lit red. I’ve tried resetting it.

CSR: Okay, what’s your home phone number? Let me see... Okay, there was a fault reported at your exchanged 17 minutes ago. Let’s see here... Okay, we have an engineer on-site at the exchange who is working on the problem right now.

Me: Wow, okay. I guess I’ll just wait for it to be resolved. Thanks.

It’s 6:45am and they not only have the Customer Services call-centre up and running, but they have engineers on-site with a sub-15-minute response time on exchange faults? Can you spell LOCKDOWN?

The icing on the cake:

9:05am: (Text message) O2 Broadband: We’ve noticed a line fault that might affect broadband in your area. Sorry. We’re working on it and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s fixed.

(I wonder if this message would have come sooner if the fault had not arisen so early in the morning.)

10:00am: (Text message) O2 Broadband: We got your broadband back up and running at 9:30 today. It should be back to normal now.

Talk about keeping your customers informed!

I’m sure O2 will keep their well-earned top ratings for Customer Service and Reliability — this is by far the best Broadband internet experience I’ve ever had, or even heard of!

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